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Understanding California's Theft Laws


California laws take property crimes seriously. Larceny, more commonly referred to as theft, is one such property crime the state pursues in court. According to California law, theft can occur with personal property, real property, money, and even the cost of services.

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Understanding California Domestic Violence Restraining Orders


Whether you are trying to file a domestic violence restraining order or you have had one filed against you, you are sure to have many questions about the process that follows. Domestic violence restraining orders have serious consequences, so you should always take them seriously no matter whether you believe the reasons for filing are valid or not.

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Dos And Don'ts Of Talking To The Police


Even if you are a law-abiding citizen, talking to the police can be stressful. People make mistakes, even when they feel that they have nothing to hide. This makes it all the more important to pay close attention to what you say and do when you interact with the police, whether you are stopped in your car or taken in for questioning.

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